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With our vast experience in the food and beverage industry — as well as a deep understanding of the Chinese and Asian consumer — we ensure brands reach their full potential.

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The Import Machine, and China’s Food Industry

China is buying the world. From wineries in France and Australia to salmon from Norway and avocados from South America, the country is on a buying spree that will make it the world’s largest importer in the next five years, according to economists with a prominent Chinese investment bank. What does it mean for China’s…
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How Harbin Beer Has Won Millennials in the Chinese Beverage Market

It’s not news in China that every brand is chasing the millennial woman, held up as the uber-customer, the golden target that will make or break your brand. But what about the men? And what about the millennials? A Chinese company has recently cracked the code. Men, sports and beer are a trio as old…
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We’re making changes to help your brand thrive

Let’s talk about change. You see, in today’s fast-paced world, change is inevitable and we understand how hard it can be to stay ahead of the latest market trends and consumer insights. That’s why at TSI, we’ve decided to fight the good fight with you. As you’ve probably heard, China will be drastically reducing tariffs…
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