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With our vast experience in the food and beverage industry — as well as a deep understanding of the Chinese and Asian consumer — we ensure brands reach their full potential.

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Durian Pizza: When Big Data Runs the Menu in China’s F&B Industry

Here’s an idea for lunch: durian pizza, roasted eel pasta and a cranberry smoothie to wash it all down. It might not sound appealing to traditionalists but this menu, just one of many choices available at La Cesar restaurant, is the proof that the age of big data has dawned in China’s F&B industry. The…
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How Sweet Can It Be? The China Snack Market

There’s a looming question for every producer in the China snack market. How sweet or salty should my product be? For foreign producers, the question is particularly vexing, as Chinese preferences for the sweet and savory are often different from the brand’s home market, and can both overlap and diverge significantly. To get some perspective…
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Xing: Innovation in the China Retail Market

It’s a habit you probably don’t even think about. You go to the convenience store, pick out a drink, take it to the cashier, pay your money (or more likely these days, scan your WeChat or Alipay), and you’re on your way. But since summer last year, there’s been one company in the China retail…
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It all comes down to execution.

We’ve all heard the saying that “failing to plan is planning to fail”. While that does ring true, planning alone isn’t enough to ensure the success of your brand. Instead, it’s your ability to execute on that plan that matters. While strategic planning will give you the direction you need, effective execution is the driving…
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