An agile, full-service, boutique agency that combines consumer insights and brand strategy with creative development to facilitate meaningful relationships between food & beverage brands and consumers in Asia.

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With our vast experience in the food and beverage industry — as well as a deep understanding of the Chinese and Asian consumer — we ensure brands reach their full potential.

With decades of collective experience in China, we are in a unique position to offer:

Research and Consumer Insights – Brand and Marketing Strategy – Creative Development

What our clients are saying

Marketing to Chinese hipsters?

Written by TSI CEO Andrew Kuiler “Hipsters” in Chinese has a special meaning. The closest approximation, 文艺青年, literally translates to “young people into literature and art.” Chinese hipsters identify with products and brands to which they feel personally connected. To market to this group, beverage brands must understand what moves them and respond accordingly. So…
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Cheese is Just the Beginning: Change in China

Written by Andrew Kuiler, TSI CEO It’s a hard time to be a soft cheese in China. News spread this week from a WeChat platform of a cheese retailer to The Guardian and The Financial Times that China has banned the import a number of soft cheeses, apparently for exceeding allowable bacteria levels. (A theoretically…
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