The Silk Initiative is your brand bridge to the food and beverage consumer in China.

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With our vast experience in the food and beverage industry — as well as a deep understanding of the Chinese consumer — we ensure your brand reaches its full potential in China. We provide marketing and brand strategy consulting to clients ranging from global food and beverage giants to SMEs. All of our strategies are based on extensive consumer understanding and world-class research techniques, conceived by our expert, dynamic team based in Shanghai. Let us get your brands into the hearts and homes of Chinese consumers.

What our clients are saying

Making Sense of Premiumization in China

Written by Manohar Balivada, Executive Director of Client Strategy @ The Silk Initiative   In our recent post about whether the behavior of fast-evolving Chinese consumers can be predicted accurately, we responded to an article by McKinsey in which they revealed, among other emerging trends, the marked increase in consumer spending in premium categories. This…
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Combat your brand’s exposure to nasty counterfeiting in China

Written by Andrew Kuiler, Managing Director @ The Silk Initiative This week at The Silk Initiative (TSI), we show you evolutions in the “knock-off” space and share ways in which international food and beverage companies can protect their brand equity, and shore up against the threat of counterfeiting in China. The challenge “The problem with…
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