When you work with us you are partnering with a formidable team of experts in enabling growth for consumer food and beverage brands in our region.

we work with:

Partnering with small to large global brands.

We work with global CEOs, CMOs, marketing directors, brand owners and insights professionals responsible for Chinese food & beverage strategies and commercial business challenges.
These are often clients who already have teams on the ground in China, but are often too stretched with their day-to-day operations to provide thorough thinking on strategy and insights work.
These decision-makers need laser focus big thinking, credible methods, and thoughtful action with a client-consulting team that has the agility to navigate across various time zones and connect with internal and external partners.

Research Experts

We utilize world-class qualitative and quantitative research tools to help ensure solid strategic direction for our engagements. Depending on engagement need and budget we utilize online and offline, primary and secondary sources.

Strategic planning workshops

Market entry, sizing, structure analysis

Consumer habits & practices, market immersions (ethnos, safaris)

Multivariate- and needs-based segmentation

Brand equity and proposition development

Big Idea communication development and testing

Naming development and testing

Online and WeChat consumer discussion forums

Volumetric sales forecasting and modeling

New product development, end to end: Idea, Concept, Product, Packaging optimization and validation

TSI in the Media