One of Australia’s oldest dairy companies approached The Silk Initiative to help determine if it should enter China with a yogurt or protein-based dairy product. They gave TSI the leeway and resources to explore, conceptualize, and build any brand or product of our choosing.

Much of the dairy’s brand story is based on science. While this is very clear in a western context, making this detailed positioning relevant to Chinese audiences proved difficult. This was especially apparent in consumer understandings of probiotics and gut health. It was clear adjusting this story, while still holding true to the DNA of the brand, would be the right way forward.


The Silk Initiative used advanced analytics to help define a winning space for this client. Key to identifying this space were consumer purchasing behaviors and how well Brand Australia played in the psyche of Chinese shoppers.

Through this work four target segments emerged. Some gravitated towards healthy living, while others preferred only domestic brands. What stood out was a desire among consumers for novelty. The Silk Initiative then worked with our client to capitalize on unique Australian flavors that were not only new but resonated well with Chinese palates.


Our innovative solutions not only developed an entirely new range of products, but also pack designs driving growth of the brand in China. The biggest learning from this engagement was that brands can no longer rely solely on their provenance or established brand story. Instead of just a buzzword, innovation is a critical element in developing a successful brand strategy for China. Those that ignore this, opting instead to plug and play, are starting out at a disadvantage.