The Challenge

When one of Australia’s oldest dairy companies approached us to develop a new drinkable yogurt product and brand for China, we knew we’d have our work cut out for us given how aggressive local players had been in this space in recent years.

Our Journey

It took us half a year of extensive category and immersion work to turn up data in as many places as necessary so that we could determine where the opportunity might be for our client. We looked at how consumers engage with brands, what they wanted more of, what they thought they knew when it came to probiotics and why yogurt even existed.

Our work turned up a lot of surprises that gave us an edge in terms of where to push the boundaries in the market to carve out new product ideas that would be both unique and highly functional as well as safeguarded in a territory of the market that clunky local brands couldn’t compete without brilliant thinking.

The Result

Through our insights-led, concept-ideation process and validated market opportunity analysis, we believe we have pioneered strategic thinking in the yogurt market to determine how foreign brands can win here. We developed a unique brand proposition and strong consumer-led product concepts that our client is now underway developing for launch.