The Challenge

To develop a strategy for entering the China market, specifically in terms of a winning product formulation, packaging solution, and ‘big idea’ for advertising communication.

Our Journey

To move a successful foreign brand into a new market always comes with a range of considerations. For this challenge, we had packaging designs, propositions, flavors and product profile and even brand name translations / renaming at play. We started with the basics and knew that brighter and bolder expressions would be needed to punch through in the stores we visited, and we worked with consumers to identify what they would really need to make sure our proposition was communicated consistently across all brand touch-points. We also worked with consumers to come up with a new Chinese brand name.

We then worked with our client on how to activate the brand based on all the existing work we’d conducted on our journey upfront, and pushed to ensure that our big idea in marketing and advertising execution resonated with the work we had previously uncovered for the brand.

The Result

Our work not only provided clear recommendations in packaging, product design, proposition and big idea execution, but also provided valuable insight on where to build in brand activation as we look forward in China.