The Challenge

Our client, America’s favourite kids snacking brand, asked us to fine tune their home country 6P marketing strategy in a way that resonated with the China market. We knew that breaking into a fast-moving and competitive category would be tough, and would require a solid understanding of the category competitors. 

Our Journey

We examined our client’s existing marketing mix and asked Chinese mums and their kids what they would expect across the 6Ps. We discovered that mum and kid were looking for different cues across product, pack and proposition and were stimulated at shelf in different ways.

After applying a fresh lens to the competitive set, and exploring consumer insights and tensions, we were able to identify the right purchase dynamics between mums and kids, and ascertained which hero occasion mums would choose our client’s and their competitors’ products. We then recommended a marketing mix that included insight into the kind of snack pack design that could give our client a winning edge.

The Result

We delivered a consumer-validated marketing mix blueprint for the brand for China activation across the entire 6Ps that was also synchronised with the brand values from back home.