The Challenge

Through our work for a famous European butter cookie brand, we learned that consumers have become unable to differentiate our client’s product and pack from imitators who had been copying their brand assets in recent years.

Our Journey

We took a step back to undercover which core brand equities our client’s brand could truly own. We then learnt how to best communicate these across all touch points for the brand, which meant starting with some new “Big Ideas” to bring new life to the brand in market.

Our team’s ability to straddle research, innovation and creative visualization, resulted in the design and delivery of impactful workshops. These workshops led to the development of new idea routes with innovative pack and product solutions during which we aligned multiple stakeholders across the business on what the brand’s new direction could be.

The Result

With our help, our client now has 6 new product ideas with pack designs to populate a short and long term innovation funnel for the brand. We believe, these ideas are cutting edge and will fortify our client’s brand against competitors for years to come.