Marketing to Chinese hipsters?

Written by TSI CEO Andrew Kuiler “Hipsters” in Chinese has a special meaning. The closest approximation, 文艺青年, literally translates to “young people into literature and art.” Chinese hipsters identify with products and brands to which they feel personally connected. To market to this group, beverage brands must understand what moves them and respond accordingly. So…
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Wine in China

China wine imports rebound in 2015, shows data Written by Sylvia Wu – @Decanter Fresh figures show that China’s wine import market has rebounded strongly in volume and value in the first nine months of 2015, driven by French and Australian wines. Bottled wine imports rose by 38.7% in volume to 297.7m litres and by…
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Branding in China

Breaking the ‘sound barrier’ 消除“语音壁垒” Written by @SilkInitiative An obvious hurdle when building a brand for China is the language. However, with a basic understanding of how to speak the consumer’s language, the linguistics can do much of the leg work for you. 在中国打造品牌时,一个众所周知的问题便是语言。不过,品牌方只需对消费者的语言有基本的了解即可,其余的信息收集工作都能交给语言学家。

China’s Food Industry: New Two-in-One Business License

By Jake Liddle: Dezan Shira and Associates According to regulations on food production licenses and food business licenses published by the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA), as of October 1, catering and food distribution industries will be covered by one license.