Chocolate in China

Cacao bean takes root in China Written by Daniel de Smeth – Translated by Summer Hsia @SilkInitiative  Starbucks’ success in China is testament to the fact that Chinese tastes are changing, with a nation of tea drinkers now enjoying flavored lattes and mochaccinos. Another unconventional food product making headway in the Chinese market is chocolate. China…
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Branding in China

Breaking the ‘sound barrier’ 消除“语音壁垒” Written by @SilkInitiative An obvious hurdle when building a brand for China is the language. However, with a basic understanding of how to speak the consumer’s language, the linguistics can do much of the leg work for you. 在中国打造品牌时,一个众所周知的问题便是语言。不过,品牌方只需对消费者的语言有基本的了解即可,其余的信息收集工作都能交给语言学家。

China Packaging

Packaging in China for Western brands By Melina Ruttimann – @Swedbrand Two weeks ago, our director Chris Magnusson covered the topic of packaging in China in an interview at the 2015 Scanpack Fair in Sweden. China packaging encompasses many structural and graphic considerations for Western brands. The culture places a high degree of importance on packaging design and differences between China…
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Intellectual Property in China’s F&B Industry

By Alex Bayntun-Lees: China IPR SME Helpdesk / Dezan Shira and Associates In 2011, China surpassed the U.S. as the world’s largest consumer market for the food and beverage (F&B) industry, with the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics reporting an annual growth rate of around 15 percent in F&B imports for the previous five years, totaling…
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