Upbeat Chinese Consumer

In China’s economic downturn, consumers are still looking up 中国经济增速放缓,消费者仍信心高涨 By Joel Bacall @SilkInitiative In our newsletter, we try to bring you stories about the changes in the Chinese economy that you may (or may not) have read about in the news, but what does it all mean for Chinese brands and consumers? Whilst the…
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China celebrity endorsements

The power of China’s F&B celebrity endorsements Written by Summer Hsia & Daniel de Smeth @SilkInitiative Celebrity endorsements are common in the Chinese advertising space. Singing and acting stars such as Hai Qing, Yang Mi, and Jay Chou are all over Chinese media, hawking everything from yoghurt to instant noodles. The force of a Chinese celebrity…
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Chinese Trademark Squatters

Australian dairy and wine brands targeted by ‘trademark squatters’ in China Written by Cheryl Hall – ABC news An Australian start-up business has had its trademark stolen in China even before it has begun producing any products.

The Chinese consumer

Types of Tier-1 consumers in China Written by @SilkInitiative  Chinese cities are typically classified into four tiers, depending on their stage of development, with many international marketers aiming their efforts at the traditional “Tier 1” cities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. This week, we thought it might be interesting to focus on some subtle differences between the…
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