Chinese wine consumers connect with Smart Phone apps

The first China smart phone app was launched last year by China IT firm Invengo. The app aimed to help Chinese wine consumers trace Australian wine (for authenticity) at each touchpoint during the import and distribution process. Now, we see wine related apps go one step further with helping Chinese wine consumers connect with each other. A Shenzhen-based start-up has…
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Chinese wine consumers…no need to Whine!

The last three years for European wine exports to China has been very interesting. European wine suffered greatly from political back lash between the EU and China over trade disputes two years ago. We all remember the debate over wine and solar panels. That said, France continues to be the biggest exporter of wine globally to China…
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Chinese consumer trends @the_silk_initiative Instagram: Pain Chaud La Boulangerie

And this is the young rising middle class Chinese consumer very few people think about when it comes to China. Latte, iPhone, pastry, wooden glasses and hipster leather knee pads (custom made to match the leather jacket). #chineseconsumers #chinamiddleclass #shanghaijava #shanghaifrenchconcession #chinacoffee #foodandbeverage #F&B #consumertrends #chinacpg #javageek

Not Right, Not Yet: China Australia FTA

Why the China FTA Isn’t Immediately Right for Your SME, and Two Things That Are On the surface, the China Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) might seem like a holy grail for Australian producers trying to find an avenue into China. Overall, however, the FTA has the most immediate impact on Australian commodities such as…
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