What’s Wrong With Industrial Food? In China, Nothing.

Four men, covered head to toe in protective uniforms, hover over the conveyor belt, checking off items on their notepads. The product shuttles along the manufacturing process, and is optically scanned. A second QA person, covered so thoroughly they might as well be wearing a burqa, peers out from a slit in their face covering…
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Cats and dogs in China

Cats and dogs: China’s new little emperors? 喵星人&汪星人:万千宠爱于一身 Written by Daniel de Smeth translated by Summer Hsia @SilkInitiative Yes, cats and dogs are a booming industry in Mainland China, which is expected to become the fourth largest pet market in the world by 2020. Little pet dogs wearing flashy outfits, sometimes with matching shoes, are a…
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Chocolate in China

Cacao bean takes root in China Written by Daniel de Smeth – Translated by Summer Hsia @SilkInitiative  Starbucks’ success in China is testament to the fact that Chinese tastes are changing, with a nation of tea drinkers now enjoying flavored lattes and mochaccinos. Another unconventional food product making headway in the Chinese market is chocolate. China…
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Chinese Trademark Squatters

Australian dairy and wine brands targeted by ‘trademark squatters’ in China Written by Cheryl Hall – ABC news An Australian start-up business has had its trademark stolen in China even before it has begun producing any products.