Snack bar makers could create instant wins in China

Bakery and Snacks magazine (UK) interviewed Andrew Kuiler and Joel Baccall about the opportunity for functional snack bars in the China market. See full interview and article below

Chinese consumers demand healthy food imports

  By Andrew Kuiler and Erica Penzien (for The Silk Initiative) You need not look past the first few moments of a conversation with any Chinese person before you can note the importance of food in Chinese culture. “Have you eaten?” (Ni chi le ma?) is a common greeting used between everyone including good friends,…
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Imported food products to reach more rural Chinese consumers

In January,, Inc announced plans to launch an initiative to bring imported goods to Chinese consumers., Inc will be joining several other Chinese e-commerce companies that offer easy access to imported goods including Tmall and TaoBao of the Alibaba Group, etc. E-commerce companies are growing alongside a young, tech-savy middle-class that demands quality…
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Chinese dairy struggles – imported dairy soars

By Andrew Kuiler and Ericha Penzien for The Silk Initiative Chinese dairy imports are in high demand and the dairy industry in China is becoming increasingly competitive for companies looking to invest. The big growth and profit for foreign dairy companies comes as China struggles to figure out the best way to safely, and successfully, produce dairy…
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