How Sweet Can It Be? The China Snack Market

There’s a looming question for every producer in the China snack market. How sweet or salty should my product be? For foreign producers, the question is particularly vexing, as Chinese preferences for the sweet and savory are often different from the brand’s home market, and can both overlap and diverge significantly. To get some perspective…
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Chinese go nuts for nuts – exciting new food and beverage brand opportunities

Written by Joel Bacall @TheSilkInitiative Food and beverage manufacturers can leverage China’s growing appetite for nuts by creating value-added products suited to more affluent tier 1 cities. Almonds are leading the way in the Australian nut industry, largely driven by growth in Asia, with total exports expected to hit $605 million by 2020. As China’s population…
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Where to for snack bars in China?

By Joel Bacall & Andrew Kuiler (The Silk Initiative) Eating on the run isn’t going away any time soon in major Chinese metropolitan areas. With the need for morning and mid afternoon energy boosts, and an increased consumer familiarity with healthy Western snacks, snack bars continue to grow in popularity. With this said, consumption behavior…
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Snack bar makers could create instant wins in China

Bakery and Snacks magazine (UK) interviewed Andrew Kuiler and Joel Baccall about the opportunity for functional snack bars in the China market. See full interview and article below