Understanding Alternative Meat in Asia

TSI explores what matters most when it comes to this dynamically growing space. The pandemic has put a focus back on overall health and wellness. Nowhere is this more true than in the explosion of plant-based meat alternatives across Asia. Companies are competing to grab a spot in a space once dominated solely by tofu. […]

The Future of Functional Ingredients

TSI explores what matters most when it comes to functional benefits. We’re very excited about the launch of our latest TSI Navigator™ Compass, where we explore the future of functional ingredients. The global functional food industry has a current market size of nearly US$259 billion. Bolstered by the pandemic, the sector is predicted to grow […]

The Big Five for 2022

TSI’s trend predictions for the new year With over 60% of the world’s population, lumping Asia-Pacific into one market is an impossible task. From the northernmost reaches of Siberia, down to the choppy waters off the Tasmanian coast, east to the noisy fish markets of Japan and over to the colourful, spice-laden kitchens of India, […]

Picture Perfect?

I remember a time, not so long ago, where a successful restaurant won with the right combination of food, price, and customer service. Sitting down at your regular, you knew exactly what you wanted to order. A friendly, smiling face would bring over your favourite dish and you’d tuck in. Waddling up to the register, you pay and step outside to a nice big “see you next time!” If you were a foodie, you’d seek out a place with the latest, freshest, most innovative ingredients regardless of the price. Families on a budget would go after the most cost-effective option, albeit possibly not the tastiest. No matter what, good restaurants offered something for everyone.

What Does Sustainability Mean to Chinese Consumers?

Do you know where your stuff comes from? More and more, global consumers are asking themselves where what they buy comes from, how it’s made, and who’s making it. There is a rise in conscious consumption, with many now only purchasing products that are environmentally or ethically sustainable. At TSI, we’ve seen this first-hand in […]

In Search of Community: Today’s Chinese Millennials

One of the biggest questions on the minds of innovators today is how to approach millennials. As a segment, they do have a number of similarities: social media savvy; global consciousness; a need for the next big thing. In China, though, there’s a particularly unique aspect to the millennial psyche. A decades-old governmental policy and […]

Building Back Better: Sustainability at TSI

When you think about the people on the front lines of building a more sustainable world, you probably imagine eco-warriors attacking whaling ships or hanging banners from polluting factories. But, there are plenty of folks working diligently behind the scenes to build better. They might not be as vocal, but their impact is certainly just […]

Adapting Products for Asia: TSI’s Visual Guide

What’s the number one thing we always tell clients when it comes to selling products in Asia? Adapt, adapt, adapt! You can’t simply copy and paste what you do back home, expecting consumers to clamour for your product. Brands have to adapt the semiotic, visual, and cultural elements of their products to really resonate with […]

Our Predictions for APAC in 2021 

What do ethical consumption, home-cooked meals, and a massive sweet tooth have in common? They’re all some of the big consumer behaviour shifts TSI is seeing across APAC. Using our real-time, dynamic intelligence tool, TSI Navigator™, we were able to pinpoint some juicy predictions for 2021. From the resilience of Thai consumers to affordable luxury […]

Chinese Consumers Aren’t Who You Think They Are

Fun fact. The Romans believed the goddess Venus was born as a fully grown woman after Uranus had his genitals chopped off and thrown into the sea. Over time, though, people began to question the validity of the story and replace it with new stories of their own. In much the same way Romans passed […]