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The a2 Milk Company™ (A2MC) is in the business of pioneering the scientific understanding of the A2 protein type so more people can enjoy the nutritional goodness that only comes from real and natural milk across a range of products including fresh milk, infant milk formula, and milk powder. a2MC approached TSI to assist with developing a fortified children’s milk powder specifically for the China market. 


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The a2 Milk Company




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We began by conducting qualitative research among Chinese mums to understand the fortified children’s milk powder market and needs within this. As part of this we tested a2MC’s new concept and used the findings to provide optimisations for the brand’s  proposed launch. 

Armed with a refined concept, we took this to an online survey throughout four cities in China to evaluate the appeal of the new concept and explore various marketing mix elements to be refined.

Once the final concept was settled on, we conducted another survey to provide volumetric modelling for the new product. This provided our client with the commercial forecasting needed to present a business case internally to make their new brand and product portfolio a reality. 


Focus groups in three cities • Two rounds of online surveys • Key occasion identification and profiling

Points of Difference

Provided strategy that led to key messaging • Over 100,000 unique simulations in forecast modeling

TSI’s “Smart Nutrition” work on display at Melbourne International Airport.

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