Settling on a global positioning for a vitamins brand

An international vitamins brand turned to TSI looking for help in aligning their brand across three different markets – the United States, Australia, and China. The brand had three different positions in each market; in Australia it was a market leader, in China it was a growing challenger, and in the USA it was yet to launch. They wanted to find a broad positioning that would work for it across all three markets while being able to accommodate local nuance.


Insights, Strategy


Australia, China, North America




With three very different markets, we needed to ensure that we captured the relevant local nuance. We began by conducting desk research and a semiotic analysis in all three of the markets to understand how the vitamins category was showing up in each country.

We then moved on to speaking to consumers by holding focus groups simultaneously across the three countries. We used these to understand how each market approached the category, what the brand’s current perceptions and distinctive assets were, and ultimately, what a new global positioning could look like.

By the end of the engagement, the brand knew which of its six concepts to proceed with and how to form this into a positioning that could work in Australia, China and the USA.


Desk research • Semiotic research • Focus groups in three countries • Distinctive assets understanding • Final brand positioning

Points of Difference

Semiotic research in all three markets • Global study with groups held simultaneously, followed by daily debriefs

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