Building a premium Scandinavian dairy brand in Asia

One of Scandinavia’s biggest premium dairy brands turned to TSI for help in developing a brand concept that will succeed in Asia. The brand chose three markets as an entry point – mainland China, Hong Kong, and South Korea. Although a well-developed brand in Europe, the company had little exposure and knowledge in the Asian market. They wanted to develop one consistent brand concept that would succeed in all three Asian markets, while also keeping the characteristics of a Scandinavia premium dairy brand.


Insights, Strategy,


China, Asia


Food and Beverage


This was a multi-staged, iterative approach from TSI that involved a number of phases. Our insights and strategy team worked closely with the brand, through the process of brand concepts development, multiple rounds of consumer evaluation, and concept refinement, we ultimately landed on a brand concept that is not only highly accepted and favoured by consumers in all three Asian markets (mainland China, Hong Kong, and Korea), but also owns a unique and differentiated proposition with a Scandinavian and premium brand image that can stand out in the highly completive dairy market, and has a high potential to win in Asia.


Data analysis • Desk research • Brand development • Qualitative research • Quantitative Survey • Strategy

Points of Difference

Multi-country, iterative qualitative approach all under one roof • Rapid turnaround of concept optimisation after each stage of study • From concept creation through to qualitative research, to quantitative research, and to finally land on a brand concept

To understand consumers’ emotional associations, we used our proprietary Navigator™ technology and Hotspex as the starting point.

We tested consumers’ key purchasing drivers and their perception towards foreign dairy brands.

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