Brands striving to enter the China market often come from other parts of the world with packaging content and/or designs that don’t automatically translate into effective product vehicles in China.

As a logical follow-up to a client partnership to define space, build the brand, and validate the product, we share our on-the-ground-in-China expertise to help customize packaging to this expansive market.


We apply our cutting-edge, digital tools (e.g., WeChat) to interact with the client’s target market for consumer-led inspiration and design feedback. Then we apply the insights to develop and test engaging package designs, visuals, and messaging.

It can be a case of reshaping an original package from its home country, rewording the features/reasons-to-believe or product benefits, and/or applying a slightly different color palette.

We’ve used WeChat and other qualitative methods for creative naming development; for identifying and assessing/rating key visuals; and for the end-to-end packaging design.

TSI’s packaging-design process (or blueprint) even includes localized brand-style guidelines for logos and semiotic analyses to ensure that your design captures the country specific nuances for optimal brand engagement.


TSI has helped multiple global brands to design or customize existing packaging to better meet the Chinese food/beverage brand palates. Packaging is a natural follow to the previous branding steps.

Brolos lobster premium packaging for the Chinese market

Global and Chinese brand clients rely on TSI for consumer-led design and testing. We’d love to learn of your objectives and discuss how our process and WeChat can help grow your brand.