Campbell Soup Company came to us to develop a strategy for entering the China market with its Tim Tam brand. Campbell’s needed guidance to ensure a winning product formulation, packaging solution and ‘big idea’ for advertising communication. Of course, moving a brand such as Tim Tam that’s already successful in one continental market and culture and into a new culture and geography comes with a range of marketing-mix considerations.


For this challenge, we undertook a deep analysis of the competitive landscape that included category in-store and pack semiotics. Then, we went through multiple rounds of qualitative and quantitative research to review package designs, proposition angles, flavors and product profiles. Afterward, we worked with consumers to create a new Chinese brand name which Tim Tam has adopted for its autumn 2017 China launch.

Lastly, we worked with our client on how to activate the brand by leveraging the existing work from our upfront exploratory work. We pushed to ensure that the ‘big idea’ for marketing and advertising execution complemented with the work we had previously uncovered for the brand.


TSI’s work provided clear strategic direction for packaging design and substrate requirements, product design and formulation, proposition and big-idea execution, and a final launch name. We look forward to Tim Tam’s success in the China market.