Ever wondered how to best position your brand?

The good news? That’s where we come in. 

We’re excited to introduce the first two offers in our new suite of solutions, Space Definer and Brand Builder.

These tailored solutions are here to help you identify opportunities in the Chinese market and to develop branding strategies that will help you capitalise on them.

That’s exactly what we’ve done for two of our clients, Bulla and Brolos.

One of Australia’s oldest dairy companies, Bulla, approached us for guidance in determining the best type of product to lead their entry into China. So, we started our partnership with the Space Definer to help them identify the most strategic way to approach their entry into the market.

Through market mapping and extensive quantitative research, we determined that one particular dairy category was the best focal point for their business.

Then, through qualitative consumer research and a range of secondary approaches, we gained a deep understanding of the Chinese dairy market to identify consumer demands that existing brands weren’t meeting.

With an insights-led approach, we analysed this data to identify an opportunity that our client could leverage to captivate the Chinese dairy market. This then led on to brand and product development, that our client is currently finalising for launch.

To put it simply, Space Definer is not just about helping you understand the market. It’s about helping you find opportunities to capture it.

And then, we have Brolos, our Australian lobster client.

This is a major piece of strategy that we’re especially proud of at TSI as it gave us the opportunity to execute a strategy that has never been done before – and the results were exceptional.

Our client approached us to help them develop China’s first consumer lobster brand. Although we’ve advised major clients such as Pepsi and Campbell’s, partnering with a lobster brand presented a very unique opportunity as moving such a brand away from the commodity space had never been done before.

By leveraging our strategic approach to brand development, we helped inform a range of brand strategy decisions from finding the right target, building a new concept and brand and guiding them on how to best interact with various media, to developing a China brand book that they implement across all of their brand launches.

The result?

Not only did we move our client away from being a commoditised product, we also led them to an entirely new revenue stream with a consumer-facing retail brand that’s available today on e-commerce platform, JD.com.

Beyond that, our client now knows how and where to activate their brand in-market – making it even easier for them to guide activation partners to keep within the branding strategy that we developed.

As you can see, Space Definer and Brand Builder were developed to complement each other by helping you identify and capitalise upon profitable opportunities in China. That’s because the secret to success in the Chinese F&B market is to start with a strong foundation.

That’s exactly what we’re here to build for you.

To learn how we can help your brand achieve the results that we got for Bulla and Brolos, just get in touch with us for a free consultation and let’s have a chat about how we can help your brand thrive in China.  

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Kuiler

CEO, The Silk Initiative