Is the Coronavirus Changing Chinese Attitudes to Wellness?

These are uncertain times. The rise of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has sent the business world into a frenzy. Companies are shutting down and workers are being laid off. For those companies that keep their doors open, projects, budgets, and work are being put on hold. There’s a lot of short-term reaction happening with little regard to long-term implications.

We’ve also seen the resurgence of “experts” prognosticating on the future of global markets. At TSI, we’ve worked non-stop throughout the crisis to provide guidance and support for our clients. To date, however, we’ve not given a prognosis on where the Chinese market is heading as it’s been too premature to know much.

But now we’ve been able to use proprietary TSI Navigator™ data to gain a glimpse into the future.

TSI is pleased to present the inaugural Compass, even though it comes at a time of great change for the global business community. Our monthly Compass series will continue to explore the most relevant and current topics impacting business success. We hope its content proves beneficial to your work in China and the region.

Stay strong and 加油!

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