Candice Wang
Hailing from China’s frigid north-eastern city of Harbin, Candice Wang is a part of TSI’s Innovation & Design team. She brings with her a strong background in marketing and communications, completing her Master’s degree at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, as well as studying at Griffith University on the Gold Coast.

Having a deep understanding of social media marketing and advertising, Candice is sensitive to the latest trends and has a unique understanding of Gen Z segments. Her past experience includes work with Overseas Niche Brand in Australia, where she built social media accounts from scratch and managed content operations to help brands meet the emerging needs of younger generations.

With seven years of experience studying and living abroad, Candice is excited to work with cross-cultural brands and teams. When she’s not tapping into the latest Gen Z trends, you can find Candice indulging in some of her favourite spicy Chinese cuisines.

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