Cherie Han
Lead Moderator
“China is a country you never get bored of. The vast changes, diversified culture, mind and behaviour across the whole country offer great excitement and surprises.”

With a personality that’s as cheery as her name, Cherie is one of our expert qualitative research moderators who help us execute on the many consumer focus groups that we conduct in China. Starting her insights career many moons ago with NFO Worldgroup, Cherie is one of the few Unilever accredited moderators in China (a tough gig to make) with over 15 years of experience working across sectors. She’s also lucky enough (or maybe not…) to have been working with our CEO Andrew now for more than 17 years in Shanghai!

With exceptional bi-lingual capabilities and cross-cultural experience from her years spent abroad in New Zealand, she brings her diverse cultural perspective to every client engagement. She’s worked with many of TSI’s esteemed global clients including Pepsi Quaker and across multiple Campbell Soup Company brands including Kjeldsens, Tim Tams and Goldfish to help them gain the consumer insights needed to grow their brands in China.

A fitness enthusiast who loves to stay active, you’ll find her destressing from a busy week by playing her favourite sport or by breaking a sweat in the gym.


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