Emma Wu
Senior Research Executive
Qualitative or quantitative. Research or design. Strategic or creative. In business, you’re often one thing or the other. While this focus on specialization is important, the critical role of the generalist cannot be understated. I effortlessly bridge these different worlds to bring together the research, strategy, and branding sides of the business for clients in China and beyond.

As a project executive with TSI, Emma plays an integral role in our strategic engagements and fieldwork. Her work serves to ensure on-the-ground findings with consumers across Asia address our clients’ strategic goals.

With a background in the marketing and advertising industry, Emma brings a unique skill set to TSI’s brand consulting and innovation practices. Her understanding of the Chinese advertising industry, and the mind of the Chinese consumer, are critical components to successful brand strategies for our global clients.

Holding a Master’s Degree in marketing, she is particularly adept at transforming theoretical perspectives into their practical applications. In a market that moves at light speed, this ability helps to demystify much of the confusion when it comes to strategic branding, quantitative, and qualitative research.

Emma is also a budding comedian, testing out her newest punchlines with friends.


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