Eric Lin
Client Services Director
How do you really know consultants understand your most pressing problems? One way is to work with those who’ve been where you are. Coming out of the client-side, in businesses of all sizes, you can rest easy I understand your needs.

My work as a Director for Client Services within TSI’s Insight & Strategy team, with responsibility for leading client engagements across China and Asia-Pacific, capitalises on this professional experience.

I’ve uniquely straddled both agency and client-side, enabling me to have first-hand knowledge in translating insights into executable plans for marketing, sales, and R&D teams. Originally from Taiwan, I graduated with an MA in Applied Law and a BA in Marketing. With over seven years of experience with Kantar and five years client-side marketing and category building experience in China and Australia, I have a proven record of transforming categories and portfolios across high-demand Asian markets.

In my spare time, you’ll find me either in the gym or creating an underwater playground for my fish.

Eric Lin TSI

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