Golden Huang
Senior Client Manager
In a world desperate for instant gratification, those of us able to take a step back and critically observe are a rare breed. I’m a natural empath, putting myself into others’ shoes to truly understand the nuances in their actions. This has led me to a successful career focussed on harnessing everything there is to know about the constant changes in the cultural and social landscape in China. I lean on my skills in semiotic visual and linguistic decoding to make sure nothing is lost in translation.

I work alongside TSI’s portfolio of clients to ensure accurate and timely insights, relevant particularly to evolving consumer segments. This is as useful to brands coming into China as for Chinese companies exploring international markets.

As an expert in semiotic and anthropological research, I possess extensive knowledge in political economy, sociology, cultural insights, and creative strategy for branding. This is especially acute with the visual representation of complex societal trends. My experience developing strategies for brands like Unilever, Disney, Coty, Ford, and Givaudan, as well as working with the Hong Kong Government to provide macro-social insights on welfare, mobility, and popular culture, show a unique portfolio of work.

A Shanghai native, my passion is in integrating my sense of aesthetics and street culture into wider cultural insights for the business world. This is taken from my time on the basketball court, behind the camera, and as a hip hop aficionado.

Golden Huang TSI LR -67

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