Tim Binnion
Design Lead
Living in the world’s most dynamic market has really forced me to constantly look to the future instead of getting held down in old, traditional business ideas. I’m always looking for better ways to optimize, transform, and future proof.

That’s why my diverse background across product design and branding works well as TSI’s design and innovation lead. I help to expertly distill user insights into concrete design recommendations that help brands and products connect with customers. ​

My particular expertise lies in a unique combination of product, brand, and category design. That’s why my colleagues call me TSI’s Swiss Army Knife. I bring together an eye for the aesthetic and a penchant for technical details, Adding a passion for sustainability and circular design further fits me into the world of the modern consumer, especially as concerns future challenges.

When I’m not tinkering with some innovative designs, I go analogue by taking photographs on my hikes throughout China.

Tim Binnion TSI

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