What Does Sustainability Mean to Chinese Consumers?

Do you know where your stuff comes from?

More and more, global consumers are asking themselves where what they buy comes from, how it’s made, and who’s making it. There is a rise in conscious consumption, with many now only purchasing products that are environmentally or ethically sustainable. At TSI, we’ve seen this first-hand in briefs from our clients asking for more conscious new product development, sustainable packaging, and good-for-you products. The big question, though, is whether or not consumers in the world’s largest market care enough to make these new products a success.

This edition of the TSI Navigator™ Compass digs into our data-rich findings when it comes to the unique perspective Chinese consumers have towards sustainably. That includes what they define sustainability as, how this impacts their product choices, and what it means in their daily lives. While there are similarities with global consumers, as with everything in China there are always aspects unique to the market

Access the English report here.

A detailed report for insight professionals can be found here.

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