About TSI/Hotspex

The Silk Initiative has grown to become one of the world’s few Asia-based brand consultancies sitting at the intersection of insight, strategy, innovation, and design. From our base in Shanghai, we help clients around the globe make smarter brand and product decisions. 

Combining an Insights and Strategy team along with an Innovation and Design team, TSI’s approach means we can provide end-to-end solutions for our clients’ brands. 

Our Clients

Our Evolution

By 2030, Asian consumers will make up 64% of the world’s middle class. With more disposable income, they will be looking for quality products from trusted global brands, tailored to their unique needs. For companies in the consumer space, the question becomes how to produce enough to go around in a way that not only meets the needs of humanity but also makes commercial sense. 

The Silk Initiative was born with the purpose of helping brands navigate these complexities.

Since that time, we’ve evolved to address an ever-growing web of needs from multinational and competitor brands. In March 2023, TSI became part of the Hotspex Group. Hotspex platforms and digital advertising technologies power 15 of the top 20 global advertisers in over 30 countries. Our partnership will help insights managers, brand operators, and marketers gain an even deeper understanding of consumers across Asia-Pacific.


That’s why we’ve embraced the moth as not only our logo, but also representative of our mission: to support businesses and individuals spread their wings. The metamorphosis of the silk moth, and the rich silk it produces, embodies the TSI belief that with a good amount of initiative nothing is impossible. Its origin in the Middle Kingdom represents our base in China, while silk’s global appeal represents our global reach. 

We’ve even incorporated the moth into our office design. When you enter our Shanghai headquarters, you’re greeted by steel panels that mimic the holes silk worms make while feasting on their favourite food: the mulberry leaf. Beyond this, the office’s open space allows for easy collaboration amongst the team. Its designer touches encourage inspired, innovative thinking.  TSI has partnered with Anken Green, a Shanghai-based property group at the forefront of sustainable design, to build this space. That way we can ensure we’re minimising our negative impact on the planet while maximising positive impact for our clients.