Building Back Better: Sustainability at TSI

When you think about the people on the front lines of building a more sustainable world, you probably imagine eco-warriors attacking whaling ships or hanging banners from polluting factories. But, there are plenty of folks working diligently behind the scenes to build better. They might not be as vocal, but their impact is certainly just as big.

Take our work at TSI, for example. Sustainability is something we’ve been passionate about since day one and is intimately wrapped up in our creation. The Silk Initiative was born out of the idea of bringing better foods and services to people across the world, especially developing nations in Asia-Pacific. Our methodologies incorporate design-centred thinking, circularity, and future-focused insights to address these issues. We’re also proud we have three of the world’s brightest sustainability minds all on one team, further testament to how important this is in our work.

While we usually don’t lead with our sustainability credentials, since they’re so embedded in our everyday work, it seems like the right time to get loud and proud. To learn more about our approach, check out “Building Back Better.”

Access the English report here.

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