Understanding the Impacts of China’s Lockdowns on Consumer Behaviour

We’re very excited about the launch of our latest TSI Navigator™ Compass, where we explore the impact of China’s lockdowns on consumer behaviour.

Over the past several months, major cities have gone through some pretty harsh lockdowns. While they are coming out the other end now, what’s clear is that consumers are different today than they were back in January. It’s important we understand how they’ve changed to better reflect a new reality on the ground.

In this edition of the TSI Navigator™ Compass, the team uses our in-house data and first-hand consumer interviews to dive deep into the impact of China’s lockdowns on consumer behaviour. The TSI team also spoke to consumers and trusted associates on the ground across China to identify the three biggest behavioural changes resulting from China’s recent Covid-19 lockdowns. 

Access the English report here.

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