Discovering Consumer Hunger for Innovative Products

Within the women’s shaving category, a leading brand wanted to simplify its portfolio structure making it easier for consumers to shop, and streamline product range communications. There was also a gap in the brand’s portfolio. They approached TSI to identify opportunities, innovating on existing products, that would push boundaries but not put off consumers. 


Insights, Strategy, Innovation, Design




Personal Care


TSI used a multi-stage approach engaging both our Insights and Strategy team as well as the Design and Innovation team. Collaborating closely together, the teams were able to deliver an optimised portfolio with a new brand to fill the gap identified in the existing product range.

We began by conducting a series of workshops with the brand teams. Here, we identified how best to simplify the current sub-brand structure and overall portfolio. Additionally, we discovered where the new brand would best fit.

Our Design and Innovation team then created concepts, names, and design directions for the new brand. Brand names were validated in a short online survey to select the best direction to move forward with.

TSI then engaged our technology partner, Hotspex, to utilise their proprietary shelf testing tool. Through this, we were able to replicate the consumer shopping experience, giving us deeper insight into understanding the impact of this new portfolio structure.


Portfolio optimisation workshops • Brand concept development • Brand name development • Packaging development  • Naming validation • Hotspex Shopper Observation

Points of Difference

Virtual portfolio optimization workshops conducted across timezones • Combination of insights, strategy, design, and innovation to develop a new consumer-validated brand • Hotspex Shopper Observation

First, we conducted a series of online workshops with key brand decision-makers to understand how to evolve the brand’s portfolio. We also settled on portfolio gaps and opportunities. 

Finally, we worked with our technology partner Hotspex to recreate the razor shelf and test the impact of our new brand on-shelf.

Through observing consumer behaviour in real-time, we better understood how the new pack performed on-shelf, the likelihood of purchase, and detailed diagnostics about the packaging itself.

Next, we developed a new brand to fill this gap. TSI first developed brand concepts, then ideated new names which we validated with consumers in an online survey. Finally, we created new packaging for the brand that we could take into further testing.

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