The Future of Functional Ingredients

TSI explores what matters most when it comes to functional benefits. We’re very excited about the launch of our latest TSI Navigator™ Compass, where we explore the future of functional ingredients. The global functional food industry has a current market size of nearly US$259 billion. Bolstered by the pandemic, the sector is predicted to grow […]

The Big Five for 2022

TSI’s trend predictions for the new year With over 60% of the world’s population, lumping Asia-Pacific into one market is an impossible task. From the northernmost reaches of Siberia, down to the choppy waters off the Tasmanian coast, east to the noisy fish markets of Japan and over to the colourful, spice-laden kitchens of India, […]

Our Predictions for APAC in 2021 

What do ethical consumption, home-cooked meals, and a massive sweet tooth have in common? They’re all some of the big consumer behaviour shifts TSI is seeing across APAC. Using our real-time, dynamic intelligence tool, TSI Navigator™, we were able to pinpoint some juicy predictions for 2021. From the resilience of Thai consumers to affordable luxury […]

Chinese Consumers Aren’t Who You Think They Are

Fun fact. The Romans believed the goddess Venus was born as a fully grown woman after Uranus had his genitals chopped off and thrown into the sea. Over time, though, people began to question the validity of the story and replace it with new stories of their own. In much the same way Romans passed […]

What China’s Sexual Revolution Means for All Brands

Let’s talk about sex. Except for chocolate, strawberries, and champagne, you might be wondering why TSI would be tackling this sensitive topic. Along with all the other rapid changes happening across China, today the country is going through a sexual revolution. This sexual revolution is impacting the economy, society, and wellness in profound ways. And, […]

Will Keto Work in Asia?

How many fad diets have you tried in the past? If you’re like most people, probably quite a few. Today’s biggest diet hit has got to be Keto. Estimated to grow to US$20 billion by 2026, the high protein/no-carb approach has been the darling of the diet industry for a while. Although it’s been a […]

How Beer Can Innovate (the Way Consumers Want)

Summer’s here! But all those barbecues, picnics, and days at the beach just wouldn’t be the same without an ice-cold beer.  In China, beer is big business. The country consumes more beer than anywhere else in the world. We’re talking 45 billion litres of the stuff every year. Here, a few domestic brands reign supreme. […]

Is the Coronavirus Changing Chinese Attitudes to Wellness?

These are uncertain times. The rise of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has sent the business world into a frenzy. Companies are shutting down and workers are being laid off. For those companies that keep their doors open, projects, budgets, and work are being put on hold. There’s a lot of short-term reaction happening with little […]

Special Report: The Gap Year

TSI is pleased to present our third annual report, The Gap Year. In it, we look at the biggest trends set to impact the Asian F&B market in 2020. In this report, you’ll learn about how: -Experiential engagement is going to be the main driver of consumer purchasing; -Packaging will begin to look more futuristic […]

TSI’s Inaugural Digital Digest

Ready to devour the latest news on the Chinese F&B space? You’ve come to the right place! In this inaugural edition of TSI’s Digital Digest, our Head of Innovation, Evelyn Hussain, takes a look at one of the hottest topics for Chinese consumers: probiotics.  Whether it’s for health and wellness, or just to deal with […]