We create winning human-centred product ideas with our Human Motivator Framework, inspired by behavioural science, economics, psychology, and emotional science.

By combining a human-centred innovation approach to problem solving, and product development with research technology based on behavioural science, we offer something truly distinctive and effective for brands.

In plain English, the Framework helps us look at the emotions driving consumer decision-making. While that might sound really qualitative (and fluffy!), it’s the culmination of a five-year research programme in collaboration with experts in behavioural psychology, emotional science, and behavioural economics. We wanted to find out if there was a way to predict human behaviour. After numerous consumer studies – measuring over 5,000 emotional profiles of brands, ideas, attributes, and associations – we were able to map out all human emotions. The 5,000 emotional concepts were mathematically and scientifically reduced to 88 that predict behaviour with 92% accuracy through multi-dimensional scaling. 

The multi-dimensional emotional sphere was mapped across eight dimensions of motivations. These heatmaps help us better understand the emotional associations consumers have with brands. 

To find out more, and to see a demo, contact Associate Vice President Andrew Cameron.

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