TSI’s in-house Sustainability Collage Workshop digs deep into the thinking of consumers to gain an understanding of how they interpret key aspects of sustainability. Through the Workshop, we identify imagery which can be used to support sustainability messaging, as well as generate inspiration for brands to build a full-scope sustainability activation strategy. Notable clients using our Sustainability Collage Workshop include Silver Fern Farms.

Over the course of four sessions, the TSI Sustainability Team meets with groups of consumers, customers, and experts to explore their understanding of what sustainability means in the Chinese market. Part of this includes the articulation of concepts like President Xi’s Chinese Dream, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as well as social and environmental campaigns from around the world. We use a multi-pronged, hands-on approach that incorporates visual cards, activities, and open discussion.

The Workshop acts as a bridging tool to help consumers and companies understand more about sustainability in China. It’s perfect for purpose-driven companies to level up their impact in the market. 

For more on TSI’s approach to sustainability, read “Building Back Better: Sustainability at TSI.”

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