It’s always hard in a survey to understand whether consumers will actually do what they say they will. That’s why we put them in front of a shelf to understand how well a product will perform in a real-life situation through our Shopper Observation tool.

Our behavioural observation tool replicates real-world competitive retail environments that are category and channel-specific. It’s kind of like a 3D simulated world that allows respondents to virtually pick up products from the shelf. Consumers can also compare products and check out of the store when they’re done.

We use this to compare the performance of various products for our clients. From here, we can understand how well a new product or packaging concept works on the shelf, and measure how it performs in terms of being:

  • Stoppable: Does a brand break through clutter and capture attention?
  • Shoppable: Does a brand encourage purchase?
  • Ownable: Does a brand build and reinforce a distinctive identity?

This provides clients with a very real gauge of how well their products will do on the shelf (far better than a normal survey could ever do!).

To find out more, and to see a demo, contact Associate Vice President Andrew Cameron.

Our Shopper Observation tool takes real-world shelves...
...and creates clean mock ups for consumer observation.

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